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Roman Provincial Coinage

Provincial Coinage

Provincial mints are those not classed as issuing imperial coinage. These abounded earlier in many city states, and later by roman colonies at the fringes of the empire. The most important one regarding finds in this region, is Viminacium in the province of Moesia Superior. This mint produced sestertius sized bronzes between the years 239 - 255, when elsewhere in the empire the quality of coinage was dropping and getting smaller. Dating them is easy, as the year of production is in the exergue. The design of these coins are usually without variation throughout the the life of the mint. The reverse usually shows Moesia personified, with arms stretched out over the heads of a bull and a lion, the symbols of the two legions stationed in the province, with the legend PMS COL VIM. The exergue reads AN with the year, eg: ANXII (year 12 = 250-251 AD). These coins are common finds. They are usually in poor condition and have a weak patina.
Other common provincial coins found in the region are from Stobi in Macedonia, Moesia Inferior and Nicaea in Bithynia (northern Turkey).

Table of Dates for Moesian Superior coinage

Date Year
ANI 239-240
ANII 240-241
ANIII 241-242
ANIIII 242-243
ANV 243-244
ANVI 244-245
ANVII 245-246
ANVIII 246-247
ANVIIII 247-248
ANX 248-249
ANXI 249-250
ANXII 250-251
ANXIII 251-252
ANXIIII or ANXIV 252-253
ANXV 253-254
ANXVI 254-255


Viminacum, Moesia Superior
Gordian III AN I 1147
Gordian III AN II 0588
Gordian III AN III 0589
Gordian III AN IIII 0596
Philip I AN VI 0586
Philip I AN VII 0585
Philip I AN VII 0597
Philip I AN VIII 0583
Philip I AN VIIII 0587
Philip I AN VIIII 0592
Philip II AN VIIII 0643
Trajan Decius AN XI 0590
Trajan Decius AN XI 0633
Trajan Decius AN XI 0880
Trajan Decius AN XII 0595
Herennia Etruscilla AN XI 0762
Herennius Etruscus AN XII 1173
Hostillian AN XII 0593
Hostillian AN XII 0839
Hostillian AN XII 0923
Trebonius Gallus AN XIV 0584
Trebonius Gallus AN X_? 0594
Valerian AN XVI 0527
Gallienus AN XVI 0591
Bronze of Byzantion 1025
Moesia Inferior
Nicaea, Bythinia
Gordian III 0614
Gordian III 0950
Trajan Decius 0467
Stobi, Macedonia
Septimius Severus  
Troas, Alexandreia
Septimius Severus 1026
Septimius Severus 1027


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